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Skyion 1/5th Scale Servo
G82169- Hi-Torque 432oz (30kg) *Metal Gear, Ball Bearing

The G82106 servo provides tons of torque which effectively steers and maneuvers any 1/5th scale models through a wide range of terrains.  Built with a high torque moor puts out 432oz of torque combines with heavy duty all metal gear and gliding free ball bearings. 
Power Requirement Torque Class


432oz / 30kg-cm 1/5th Scale R/C models

Skyion Competition Servos (SCS)
G82123-Hi-Torque 212oz (15kg) *Digital, Metal Gear, Ball Bearing

This cutting-edge digital servo made by the good people at Skyion bring to the market an ultra precise and super reliable device that is used by many of today's top driver for both steering and throttle applications.  Built with a high torque moor puts out 212oz of torque combines with heavy duty all metal gear and gliding free ball bearings, SCS servos will pilot your R/C vehicle to victory with ease.  This digital masterpiece also includes a large heat sink servo case to keep servo's operation temperature under control.
Power Requirement Torque Speed Dimensions Weight


212oz / 15kg-cm 0.12 sec/60 40x20x38.5(mm) 60gm

G82122 Hi-Torque 144oz (10kg)
*Metal Gear, Ball Bearing Servo - WATERPROOF

Skyion's high torque servos are manufactured to withstand the rugged abuse from today's heavy monster truck and buggies. Built with heavy duty all metal gears and smooth ball bearing, Skyion's 144oz (10kg) servos will power your r/c vehicle with efficient strength and durability at an affordable price.
Power Requirement: 4.8v-6V
Torque: 144oz / 10kg-cm
Speed: 0.22 sec/60
Dimensions: 40x20x46(mm)
Weight: 60gm

G82108 Standard 3kg servos
Perfect for any 1/10th scale vehicle! These Skyion servos offer a smooth and reliable gear train that will provide performance that comes from great engineering. (Recommended for any 1/10th scale r/c car or smaller)
Power Requirement: 4.8v-6V
Torque: 3kg-cm
Speed: 0.22 sec/60
Dimensions: 41x20x42(mm)
Weight: 46gm