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G82130 Safeguard
Safe guard: Skyion's safeguard will insure your r/c vehicle from receiving interference and from other dangerous electronic problems. From batteries losing the needed voltage to false connections, use Skyion's safeguard and you will never have to worry about your r/c vehicle taking off again. The safeguard is fully adjustable and can be used on any r/c vehicle that utilizes a throttle servo
  • The LED will flash when the Safeguard is activated
  • The Safeguard will take control if the receiver battery voltage drops below 3.6V, and the Safeguard will reset automatically when battery voltage is above 4.3V

G775:  Fast Motor Speed Control

 Skyion¡¦s Voltaic G775 speed-control will accept low wind / very fast electric motors with efficiency along with a smooth power-band.  The Voltaic G775 can withstand 14 cells at the same time and up to a huge 775 size motor.  This speed control can be used in competition surface vehicles and boats!  Replace your mechanical technology with this state-of-the-art Voltaic speed control!

Battery Voltage: 7.2V-8.4V
Motor Limit: 15T
Dimensions: 43x28x15(mm)
Weight: 55gm

G82129 SK310 ESC
Forward / Reverse speed control

This Skyion electronic speed control is designed for 1/10th scale electronic components and will accept up to a 19 turn electric motor. This ESC can be reset with an easy one button set up system.
Battery Voltage: 7.2V-8.4V
Motor Limit: 19T
Dimensions: 43x28x15(mm)
Weight: 50gm